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So I baked a yellow cake tonight cause I was depressed. My friend was right. Baking does make you feel better. There was nothing special about the baking. I used my Kitchen Aid for the first time for baking. The cake didn’t rise like I thought it should. I used a cake mi and it was expired. So I think that’s why it didn’t rise. O well. It still tasted good. I used a creme cheese frosting. I love that stuff. I didn’t think I would. Was a good dessert.

Now to try cookies on Thursday to take to work on Friday. If we work. And I have a bday party for friends twin daughters.

New here

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So I am new to baking and the kitchen for that fact.  I know, how sad.  Would love ideas on what to bake.  Just give me an idea and I will try it out and comment back on what happened.


Thank you